• What's an ABF?

    Adult Bible Fellowship.  Growth happens best in the context of loving relationships. Be involved in a learning community that will help you to live out, pass on and reproduce your faith as we interact over God’s Word. We will dig into God’s Word together but will also work hard at helping each other to apply the truth to our lives.

    ABF's are Sunday's 9-10 am, starting January 2020

    (Childcare provided)


    Grace and Truth : Conversations every thoughtful Christian should have about faith, sexuality, and gender.

    Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. Romans 12:2 NLT

     As a fully devoted Christ follower how should I think about LGBT+ issues?

    What does scripture say? The church needs to follow the way of Jesus, the way of grace and truth. To check out the curriculum go to: https://store.centerforfaith.com

    Facilitated by Keith and Jody Maurer                     Meets in the Youth Room


    ‘Discover Your Child’s DQ Factor’

    "Are the disciplinary methods that worked great on your first child accomplishing nothing with your second or third child? Are you at a loss as to why your son or daughter misbehaves in the first place – and what to do when they are disobedient?"

     "Every child or teen has a Discipline Quotient says Dr. Greg Cynaumon, and yet no two children are the same.  The trick is to understand why your child or teen is acting out and then to respond in a way that will be effective…In a way that will create peace for all of you."

    Join us for an interactive study and discussion of this book and parenting.

    Facilitated by Chris and Angie Grella                       Meets in the prayer room.


    Life Group                                                                  Meets in church library.

    Anyone interested in being more connected to the church body through a Life group but have a hard time carving out another night of the week? 

    Well, there is a solution.  On Sunday at 9am the Quinones' facilitate a Life group for all ages.  We study the Word, pray, and generally live life together.  There is space available but please call or email if you are interested:  ron.quinones69@gmail.com or 814-907-2206 .


    Bible Study                                                                 Meets in Conference room.

    For those interested in studying a book of the Bible on Sundays during the ABF hour, please contact the church office for more info.