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Degrees and Certifications:

Dustin & Lori Butler

Dustin and Lori have served with the Navigators for over 11 years. They are ministry directors at the Univ. of Georgia and have two kids, Caden and Kirsten.  Their vision is "to raise up African-American and other ethnic-minority leaders who will spend the rest of their lives spreading the Gospel among those who don't yet know Christ in every corner of the world.

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V. & M. G.

V. and M. G. are Filipino missionaries serving with SEND International in Taiwan.  V. is the ministry director of the SEND Taiwan field. Their desire is to have vibrant and growing churches in the least-reached areas of Taiwan. They're praying that God would send more church planters to help them.

They praise God that a university where they were assigned has accepted their English club. They meet with the students regularly, but were told by the director of the English department that they cannot do anything spiritual inside the campus. Please pray that as they develop friendships with the students, they will be able to share the Gospel, then disciple and train them. They're praying for a student center where they can bring their students. They also need other SEND missionaries and local coworkers to help them share the Gospel and disciple the students.

Before the Lord called them to serve in Taiwan, they were in Indonesia for 9 years, reaching out to Muslim and Buddhist University students, from whom a church was born.

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Dan & Rebecca Hall

Dan and Rebecca Hall serve with the ministry of DiscipleMakers at Penn State. For over 15 years they have ministered to university students all over the world with one main goal - taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the future leaders of the world. They have three young children, Micah, Eliana, and Caleb.

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Bill & Kathy Horlacher

Bill & Kathy Horlacher give leadership to the international ministry of Bridges International.  They currenly live in State College, Pa.

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Ryan & Paula Kling

Ryan and Paula are on staff with, and a Project Manager and Intern Supervisor with the ministry of ReachGlobal Crisis Response. He currently manages and coordinates jobsites and volunteers in Morehead City, NC in response to the damage caused by hurricane there in late 2018. 

Ryan and Paula were married in early 2019!

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Joe Violi

Joe serves with The Navigators as a campus minister to college students at Penn State University.  He meets regularly with students in various settings to talk about God and the Bible and the difference they can make in our lives.

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