• We offer two nurseries - the Infant Nursery is for children from birth to 18 months and the Toddler Nursery is for children from 18 months to 3 years old. 

    Both rooms are staffed with at least two volunteers at all times, and all of our volunteers have gone through background checks and screenings. 

    Both nurseries are open every Sunday during the church service. 

    During the school year (September through May) there are also Sunday school classes offered from 9:00-10:00am. 

    In the Infant Nursery we use A Sure Foundation for Younger Infants by Children Desiring God. This curriculum is used to introduce four Bible stories and simple truth statements to the youngest members of our church body.

    In the Toddler Nursery we use A Sure Foundation for Older Toddlers by Chidren Desiring God.  The children build on the stories and truths introduced in the infant nursery through this curriculum, adding on nine more stories and truths about God.

    Each month all of the children in all of our classes (except the youngest infants!) work on memorizing a Scripture memory verse. 

    How beautiful it is to hear the voices of the little 2-year-olds reciting God's word!  And, since all children learn the same verse each month, families can work together to help each other memorize Scripture regardless of what grade the children are in.


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