Our Mission

  • To glorify God by growing a life-changing community of fully devoted Christ-followers in the Centre region and beyond.

Our Vision

  • At SCEFC, we desire:

    To Become A Transformational Community Of Fully-Devoted Christ Followers Reflecting Him To The World

    A transformational community  is a group of people who love God, His family , and His mission as they together experience the life-changing message of the Gospel.

    Therefore, as a transformational community, we are called to:

    Love God, which is a response to His love for us (I John 4:19). As we abide in Christ (John 15:4 ), we will experience a growing relationship with Him. Our love for God will attract people of all ages to love God above all else.

    Love His Family, which is vitally linked to our love for God (I John 4:20-21) and is our most powerful witness to the world (John 13:35). We will love and serve one another by putting other’s interests above our own (Phil. 2:3-11).

    Love His Mission, which is an overflow of loving Him and His family (John 1:35-42, Luke 15:1-10). We will love and embrace His mission by welcoming and sharing the love of Christ with our neighbors, including local families and the international community at our doorstep.