• Joe Violi

    Nov 2018


     Has it really been seven months already?  When I consider that my sabbatical officially began on April 02, the somewhat startling answer is...yes!  It has been seven months!  As I look back on this sabbatical season, it has truly been a gift, both from The Navigators and from the Lord.  The days have been full and rich.  There have been many special times with Jesus, family, and friends; times to rest, to go deeper in God's word, to examine issues of my heart, and to consider how God is leading me going forward.    

    On that latter note, after seeking the Lord's direction, gathering feedback from trusted friends, and reviewing how God has used me in the past, I'm convinced He still has more for me to do at Penn State.  There is opportunity here to lead and serve in ways God has equipped me and in line with the desires He has given me.  So I will be returning to the wonderful Navigator staff team at Penn State, now with more of a focus on shepherding and mentoring our student leaders.  This will allow me to listen well, encourage, and share from scripture...the very things that I love to do and that I've seen many students respond to over the years.    

    Just as I entered onto sabbatical through a gradual process, so will I be transitioning off of sabbatical gradually.  Starting next week, I will return to about 50% capacity.  I'll be back on campus, renewing relationships with staff and students, and getting caught up on what I've missed so far this semester.  Then over the next two months, I'll work my way back up to my typical 40-50 hours per week in time for the start of next semester in January.      

    In my last update, I asked for prayer from Psalm 31:3..."Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name lead and guide me."  Thank the Lord with me that He has done so!  I am confident He has led me as He knows is best and I eagerly look forward to all that He has in store for me, for Penn State, and for the nations! 

    Thank you for your ongoing prayers and gifts that make it possible to do what I do.  I count you as both friends and teammates in the adventure of making disciples of all nations!