• What's an ABF?

    Adult Bible Fellowship.  Growth happens best in the context of loving relationships. Be involved in a learning community that will help you to live out, pass on and reproduce your faith as we interact over God’s Word. We will dig into God’s Word together but will also work hard at helping each other to apply the truth to our lives.

    ABF's are Sunday's 9-10 am

    ABF's will be off for the summer! Stay tuned for this fall's class schedule...

    Life Group

    We know that being involved in a small group that meets during the week is not always possible so the Sunday morning life group meets for busy families.  We spend 2/3rd of our time discussing application of the previous week's Sunday worship message and then spend a good amount of time praying for one another. All are welcome.  Facilitated by Ron and Melissa Quinones -