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  • March 28, 2020 / Hello EFree,

    Hello all.

    We hope and pray that you are doing well as we continue to trust God during this unique time in our area and nation.

    This week we will be posting our Sunday message from Psalm 27 on-line by 10:30 am Sunday.

    It will be posted on our website ( under the 'messages' tab.

    As well, you can watch on EFree's youtube page or the EFree facebook page.

    We encourage to watch with those in your home!

    FYI: There will be two times during the message when you can pause the recording and think or discuss the questions on your screen.  Please leave comments or questions on any of the three sites as they all allow responses.

    ** Also, in an attempt to help you connect with others @ EFree, our elder chairman Dave Johnson will be hosting/facilitating a ZOOM discussion during the message starting at 10:30 am.  

    That group will run until 11:45 am and it is open to anyone. 

    Just click on the Zoom link above (download zoom on your computer if you haven't already) and type in your name to join.  This is FREE.

    ( You can also phone into the zoom group at 1-929-205-6099 and enter in meeting ID: 942 531 305 )

    ** Finally...below are the points from our Psalm 27 message this Sunday, and the discussion questions that will appear on your screen.  [To help you prepare for the message...with a few announcements at the start, a worship song at the beginning and end, the total time without discussion is 32 minutes.]

     David’s Example of Faith - Psalm 27:1-14  (3/29)

    1. David declares - FAITH over fear (v.1-2)

             - God is His LIGHT   - God is His SALVATION  - God is His STRONGHOLD

                * Romans 8:31b

         2.  David's CONFIDENCE (v.3)

         3.  David’s Priority – SEEK God (v.4-6)


     What is your normal pattern for responding to fear? 

     How has God been a “light”, “salvation” or “stronghold” recently?

     How have you been able to maintain faith and trust in God in the past two weeks?

         4.  David’s Prayer – a SURRENDER to God (v.7-12)

         5.  David’s COURAGE (v.13-14)


     What roles do waiting and faith play for you in how you view your circumstances? 

     ‘Seek first the Kingdom of God’ (v.8) is a similar phrase that Jesus repeated in Matt. 6:33.  How do you remember to seek God first among these days of Coronavirus?

     What is one distraction that keeps you from putting God first?