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  • Living Out Our Faith

    As God reveals Himself through His word and in other ways, we know that this revelation calls for a faith-filled response. So we continually ask, “Lord, how do you want me to respond to who you are?" We are not content with hearing God’s voice, we want to obey. Not out of a sense of duty but out of a desire to trust. Living out our faith is vital to the ongoing process of growing in Christ-likeness. We live out our faith as part of a community of fully devoted Christ-followers, knowing that they play a vital role in our growth.

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  • Passing on Our Faith

    Because God is transforming us, our natural response is to want to tell others what He has done. We will continually ask the question, “God, who have you placed in my life that needs to know who you are?" We pass on our faith to both believers and not yet believers, and we do so as a part of a community of fully devoted Christ-followers.

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  • Multiplying Our Faith

    We will invest in at least one other person, equipping them to live out, pass on, and multiply their faith. It might be a group of people we invest in (a third grade Sunday school class) or an individual (a new believer where you work), but everyone will have someone else who they are investing in.

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Spring Events

Featured Life Group


We are the EFree 20/30-Somethings. Comprised mostly of grad students and young professionals, we're a group for anyone who is out of the undergrad stage of life. 

When do we meet?

We meet for Bible study every Tuesday night at 6:45pm. 

Where can we be found?

We meet at the church (1243 Blue Course Drive)!

What are we studying?

We are currently studying Daniel!

What should you know about us?

Our desire is that our group would be more than just a weekly Bible study. We want to be a community that is first of all devoted to pursuing Christ together through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. We also want to be committed to loving each other, our church family, and our community. 

What can you expect if you join our group?

Expect a weekly study on a book of the Bible, regular service opportunities where we serve our church and our community, and social events where we hang out and get to know each other better.  
 EFree 20/30-Somethings